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Welcome to FBA Toolkit

We aim to provide a comprehensive set of tools for sellers using Fulfillment By Amazon©.

At this moment we have three features. The first one is on this page. Below each graph there's an input field where you can enter a Sales Rank and we'll provide an estimate of sales per day in that specific category.

The second feature is the Price List Analysis. This one lets you upload a spreadsheet with a list of UPCs/EANs/ASINs and an optional cost field and it'll generate a report with information that'll simplify your purchasing decisions (current offers, estimated sales rate, profit, markup).

The third feature is called Product Tracking. We can track the price, stock and sales of all the relevant merchants in a product listing. If you want to track a product click here

Please keep in mind that this website and our services are undergoing continuous development. The data is based on estimations. Please use at your own discretion.